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ƨ’ileɒꓘ story

It still leaks through my writing sometimes.  Missing or misplaced letters, even whole words conspicuously absent as if a miniature black hole opened up mid sentence. My grammar and punctuation leave something to be desired too, and all these problems … Continue reading


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A story you might enjoy

Generally speaking, I don’t write posts advertising specific stories or news articles about my work.  I figure anything going in those stories is all stuff you can get firsthand here, and of course I link to all of them on … Continue reading


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Addressing anti-Indigenous behaviors in corvid fandom

There are few animals that generate the kind of enthusiasm and following that ravens, crows, magpies and other birds in the corvidae family do. Their presence in our lives is so significant, they appear in the creation stories and fables of … Continue reading


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The definitive guide for distinguishing American crows & common ravens

For two birds that are surprisingly far apart on the family tree, American crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos) and common ravens (Corvus corax) can be awfully hard to distinguish, especially if you rarely see both together.  But with the right tools and … Continue reading


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What is “intelligence”?

Every once in a while, including on this very site, a popular science article will come out about a new study demonstrating the intellectual capabilities of corvids, or just generally espousing their intelligence. While articles communicating this certainly aren’t wrong, … Continue reading


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A letter to my readers

Hello blog followers.  It’s been a long time.  Looking over my stats today, I was pretty horrified to see I’ve only published a whopping 4 times this year.  I don’t have a very good excuse. 2019 was certainly professionally busy, … Continue reading


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The bird of many names

Camp robber. Whiskeyjack. Canada jay. Gray jay.  I know of no other bird that goes by as many names as the Canada jay.  In fact, it has so many names it’s possible for two people to be swapping stories and … Continue reading


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A matter of a pinion

Like all subcultures, the world of corvidphilia comes with its own set of corny jokes and puns.  Of these, perhaps none is more well known than the classic: “What do you call two crows?” “An attempted murder.” Despite their groan-inducing nature, … Continue reading


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Watching puppies…for science

When I was still in Alaska back in the fall, my social media was brimming with pictures of the kinds of things you might expect from a biologist studying birds in Denali National Park.  Photos of bears, Canada jays, arctic … Continue reading


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No, that crow is not sharing with a mouse

I know, I know, it looks so much like that’s what’s happening.  The mouse is clearly interested; the crow walks the direction the mouse exited to, drops food, and leaves.  But rather than sharing, this is simply a coincidental intersection … Continue reading


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