In the Media

P=print, V=video, A=audio

Creature Feature Podcast (A)
Forbes (P)
The Seattle Times (P)
TEDxSalem (V)

Skype A Scientist (V)
Duncan Trussel Family Hour postcast (A)

Drunk Safari podcast (A)
Ologies podcast (A)
Tumble Science Podcast for Kids (A)
This Week in Science podcast (A)
Audubon (P)
Smithsonian (P)
New York Times (P)
Jezebel (P)
The Atlantic (P)
PBS’s Deep Look (V)
Episode 6, season 2 of Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix (V)
WBUR’s The Wild Life blog (P)
Klipsun Magazine (V)

Seattle Met (P)

Associated Press (P/V)
Behemoth Magazine (P)
Audubon Magazine (P)

The Daily Mail (P)
BBC Earth (P)
Atlas Obscura (P)
Christian Science Monitor (P)
National Geographic (P)
The New York Times (P)
Willamette University (P)

PBS Quest (V)
Here Be Monsters podcast (A)
Mercer Island Reporter (P)

UW Daily (P)
Mercer Island Reporter (P)

5 responses to “In the Media

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  2. Karole

    Hi, Kaeli,
    I just wanted to say, how much I enjoyed the article about Urban crows and .. you! Great article and I hope the fans of your research and blog also take the time to read it.
    All best wishes,

  3. Janice Noe

    Kaelie I very much enjoyed your program with the Edmonds bird Fest this weekend. Might I be able to talk with you about a presentation for our garden club sometime next year?

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