Bothell crow roost public event

Anyone who lives in Seattle has probably noticed that between about 4-6pm each night hundreds of crows take to the skies with evident purpose.  Those who live outside of the city my find themselves wondering where they’re going, but anyone who lives in Bothell knows exactly where: the wetland behind the UW Bothell campus.  Every night during the fall and winter approximately 10,000 crows call this their nighttime home, and it’s nearly impossible not to notice.  Between the thousands of birds perched on any available surface to the raucous “conversations” among the birds it’s a hard sight to miss.

This Friday, October 25th, at 6:00 at the North Creek Events Center I’ll be guest speaking an event for Cascadia Community College centered around viewing and exploring this spectacle.  It’s a public event for kids and adults alike so whether you love crows, or want to know if this nightly scene is start of a Hitchcock movie this talk is for you!

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