10 corvids who don’t give a damn about your rules

Time to take my scientist hat off and have some very anthropomorphic fun*.  These are the best GIFs from around the internet proving that corvids are nature’s most hilarious rule-beakers.  What’s not to love?

1.  Yeah I read the tortoise and the hare, and then I came over here to steal Stumpy’s lunch because things with longer legs beat things with shorter legs and that fable is dumb.







2.  We know how to be the CATalyst for a fight








3. I’m not breaking a rule, I’m enforcing the will of the fashion police.






4.  Just when you started to think we always have it out for dogs…#NoRulz!

Play gif.gif

5.  Nothing is off limits to my board, not even your roof.







6.  I don’t care what they say, I will be America’s next Top Chef!  Wait for me Padma!








7. “Primates are the only species that make tools” Lol, nope


8.  Just because they left it out of your ornithology textbook, doesn’t mean rolling isn’t a primary mode of avian transportation.








9.  What do you mean birds are only supposed to make music with our songs?







10.  Big bear? Don’t care.  I need this for my nest.


*This post has been edited from a previous version due to both some initial inaccuracies and some scientific updates.


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