People underestimate how beautiful corvids are.  In my field experiments, I’m so often wrapped up in taking the data with as much efficiency and focus as possible, that it makes it hard to step back and really take a bird in.  So it’s in the quiet moments outside of my fieldwork that I make time to really see these animals.  To do nothing more than watch as the sun brings out those rich colors hiding among the black pigments and marvel at how spectacular they really are.  On some of these occasions I make an effort to bring my Nikon with me.  Here are some of my favorite photos from those outings which I hope you delight in as much as I do.  File_001DSC_1648  File_000 File_002  File_008 File_004 File_003File_006 File_007 File_009


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5 responses to “Crowtography

  1. Love it Kaeli – I love that you combine your science with a real love and appreciation for the beauty of these birds. I just enjoyed seeing our crows looking very copper this morning in the dawn light.

  2. Like! Like! Like! These are beautiful. What’s the deal with the crossbill? Is that common or problematic?

  3. Bryan

    Hi:) I love your posts and love corvids even more! Ravens being my favourite. I live in Vancouver BC, and sure wish you or John would do a lecture up here sometime!;)

    My question today is; was that magpie picture taken in the PNW?! Or is he from a controlled study?

    Always appreciate corvid lovers, so keep up the fascinating work!!


  4. Hi Bryan, I’m glad you enjoy the blog! I’d love to do a talk up that way; feel free to put in a request with a local birding group to reach out to me 🙂 Good question about the magpie. No, we don’t get them in the PNW, that photo is from a trip I took earlier this year to Yellowstone. You can see more pictures from that trip in this post:

    Thanks again for the compliments and remember you’re always welcome to leave other questions or request a post on a particular topic of interest.

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