The science of crows and death

Curious to read my popular science take on our recent publication on how crows behave around their dead?  Check out my latest article for Biosphere.  Then check out all the other awesome authors and contributors to my favorite popular science publication.  You won’t regret it.  (And congrats to GO for making the article cover!  She’s such a gorgeous bird…)

Read the full article here



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6 responses to “The science of crows and death

  1. I went to Biosphere. I bookmarked it and left quickly because It will encompass my existence within a time-sucking vortex and I must do things very soon. I shall enjoy it later. Thanks for sharing

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  5. Ed

    Hello Kaeli.
    I’ve been looking around on your great website but I can’t find what I’m looking for. The crows in my neighbourhood perform the death ritual not only when one of the crows dies, but also when a jackdaw or gull dies.
    I’ve seen it happen many times and they scold at me when I take the body off the road and place it in the grass (many children live here so yeah..).
    After circling around for some time (while constantly sounding the alarm) they all go sit in the top of the trees opposite if their normal living area and there they wait quietly for a few hours. Even if I don’t replace the body and just observe from my house they do the same. After that everything is normal again.
    Have you seen them perform the ritual for other types of birds before? So far I’ve seen them do it for jackdaws, which I can understand, and several types of gull that live here.
    Greetings from Amsterdam

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