NCI corvid class open for registration

Hi Folks!  A few posts ago I mentioned the North Cascade Institute’s corvid class taught every June by John Marzluff and myself.  Good news; registration is officially open!

For those of you that missed my previous post, the corvid class is an overnight course hosted in the beautiful North Cascades alongside those iconic glacial blue lakes. During the class we will venture into snowy mountain passes to search for grey jays and nutcrackers and then head down to the Methow valley in search of magpies.  It’s not unusual for us to see nearly every species of corvid found in Washington state by the end of the trip.  To finish each day you’ll be treated to short corvid lectures and the wonderful meals provide by the NCI cooks.  It’s a wonderful class, so if you have the means I encourage you to register.  There’s limited spots available, however, so do it quickly!


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13 responses to “NCI corvid class open for registration

  1. Judith Blades

    WOWWWWW what an opportunity for those in the northern hemisphere. hope you have a fantastic time.

  2. Sue Bowman

    What a shame I live so far away…

  3. I decided to try this out! I hope it is fun.

  4. Amy Tomlin

    I truly wish I were closer for this event.
    Have fun, fellow crow lovers!

  5. Francine

    Do you have to be a North Cascade student or Washington Resident to take this class?

  6. jeb maynard

    What about kiddos, in specific a 5 year old who loves to camp and watch crows at home, are they allowed to come?

  7. LDK

    Hi Kaeli! Just discovered your wonderful blog today looking for info as a pair of crows is nesting in a tree in our backyard, 5 paces from our deck! We’re in crow-rich Vancouver, and I’ve read some of John Marzluff’s books. Just signed up for the mailing list so I can get an early start registering for next year’s corvid class. THANK YOU!

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