Join me virtually tonight!

Tonight at 7:00pm PST, Timberland Regional Libraries is hosting an evening of crows and literature featuring myself and Hollow Kingdom author Kira Jane Buxton.  The night will start with a reading from Kira’s book, which features an irreverent crow navigating a zombie apocalypse in Seattle.  Afterwards Kira and I will host a game of crow and literary themed trivia, followed by a Q&A with myself.  It promises to be a family friendly event for crow lovers and book worms alike.  Registration is required but the event is free.  I hope to meet some of you there!

Register here 

Crow trivia


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8 responses to “Join me virtually tonight!

  1. David N Schwartz

    Wish I could! I’m in NYC and need to get to sleep early tonight. Will this be recorded/Facebooked?

  2. Judith Blades

    it would be wonderful if it could be recorded so those of us in other time zones could see too!! love your work

  3. Elizabeth

    I agree, a recording would be wonderful!

  4. Hi All, registration is closed, I would have loved to have joined in. Questions I would like you to consider: what are crows doing when they have their mouth open? Like, slightly open. Are they carrying food?

    I don’t comprehend this behaviour. I would have loved to have been there.

  5. Aw man I missed it! If you do this again, PLEASE let us know a little more ahead of time. So disappointed. =-(

  6. As far as the beak being open is concerned, yes. But they were also just strolling about, and not sunbathing. Perhaps they were especially contented, at least one hopes.

    I haven’t seen it since then, perhaps it was with expectation that I would feed them -I sometimes do.

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